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Foreclosure Asset Management

The GARDNER REALTORS Foreclosure Asset Management | REO Services Division provides the full range of services to achieve the client’s objectives. We work closely with Asset Managers throughout the process, adding value along the way as we have the professional experience and expertise to successfully facilitate the transaction.  We have a proven track record of managing REO inventory from the acquisition to the act of sale/real estate closing. For a more detailed explanation of our services, please contact us.


Sales Professionals & Service Areas

From a pool of 800 real estate professionals, our REO services team members are selected based on experience, sales manager/broker recommendation, a willingness to attend training sessions, technology expertise, and general knowledge of the REO marketing process. This criteria for our Realtors, along with our full-time support services staff and strong local leadership, contribute to the overall success of the program, which is reliable and effective. We have an extensive footprint in the Southeast Louisiana and Southern Mississippi Region. For more information, please contact us.

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