Are you Prepared for Hurricane Season?

Are you Prepared for Hurricane Season?

It's that time of year, Yep is ​Hurricane season. Are you ready? No matter how much or how far in advance you plan you can never be to prepared for Hurricane season. I know how stressful this time of year can be, so here are some tips you can use the help prepare you and your family for Hurricane season. 

Understand your Insurance Policy. Call your agent and have a discussion or how your home is covered if you don't already know. 

Check your roof. Is your home properly covered? Call a pro for an inspection your roof to make sure all your shingles and vents are intact. 

Clear the yard of any debris and clutter. This will make it easy in the event of a hurricane if you have all the stuff you don't use often cleared from your yard. 

Do you have the proper supplies on hand? Generators, flash lights, water, perishable food? Stock up before a storm enters the Gulf before the prices go up. 

Make a list of your medications. Make sure you know the names are the correct dosages you take daily. 

Pack an emergency bag for yourself and your family in the event you need to leave in a hurry. 

Create a hurricane account. For some this may not be an easy thing to do, but there are ways you can save money for an emergency. Everyone has stuff around the house that we no longer use or need or simply don't want. Have a yard sale, sell those things or e bay and and use the money as reserve fund in case of an emergency. 

Plan an exist plan, where are you going to go in case of an evacuation, travel in a group and pool together your funds just in case you are evacuated for a long period of  time. 

Lastly, when a Hurricane is headed out way we are so busy trying to get things together and make sure of families  have everything we need that sometime we forget to watch our for our elderly or disabled neighbors. If you can't offer them safe harbor with you and your family work with the to find resources that can help them evacuate. 

Stay safe and get prepared.