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Duane Hughes Global Home USA Executive Vice President

Duane Hughes - Gardner Realtors

About Me

When choosing Home Warranty Coverage for a client you want to offer the best protection available. That is why Global Home USA enjoys an affiliation with Gardner Realtors. We believe that the market demands a different perspective from time to time and we are always looking for a "better way" of doing things. For example several of the innovative coverages we offer include Home Inspection Coverage (standard on Elite Plans and Optional on Gold and Platinum Plans). This coverage protects against non-detected pre-existing conditions based on the written home inspection...then goes on the cover permits, code violations, improper installation and haul away of old equipment. We also offer your clients a procedure that allows them to use their own service providers for their covered repairs as opposed to ours... No other home warranty company has ever offered your client that type of opportunity before! If your client wants to renew coverage we offer a zero interest monthly payment plan…we simply charge their credit/debit card monthly, for 1/12th of the contract renewal cost. Gardener Agents also enjoy the program support offered by the Office Administrators in terms of ordering their client's home warranties for them.   

Some background on me. I was born and raised in the Chicago Area. My early working years were spent in the Automobile Industry at the Dealership level. I began in sales and eventually became the Vice President/General Manager and an Equity Owner of a General Motors Dealership. After over 25 years I retired. I then began Sales Training and Consulting for a number of large Chicago area companies. In 2005 I became the Executive VP of Warranty Global Group, a provider of warranty products and risk solutions, to a number of industries.  Global Home USA Home Warranty is a Warranty Global Group Program.

I have been involved in every aspect of the Global Home USA Home Warranty Program, since it's’ inception. I am always eager to discuss coverages, concerns or any problems with Gardner Agents.