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From close-knit St. Bernard Parish, where it seems everyone either is related to or knows everyone else, Troy began his real estate career to help rebuild the place he calls home. Devastated by Hurricane Katrina, most families found themselves faced with the decision to rebuild or relocate.

Prior to Katrina, Troy worked for Winn-Dixie, where for 16 years, he had come to know and serve many of the residents of St. Bernard. In the years after Katrina, his career at Winn-Dixie took him to all areas of the Gulf Coast where he saw many familiar faces and made new friends in similar situations. The desire to help people come home manifested into a new career when his Mom found herself having to relocate after rebuilding due to a buyout of her neighborhood. Her biggest complaint after working with several agents was that no one took the time to understand her needs on a personal level. It was mostly electronic communication of homes available. It was all about the transaction, not her. Having gone through Katrina and the range of emotions himself, Troy felt he could sincerely help the people affected to make the sometimes difficult decision of relocating and selling property that may have been in the family for decades.

With all of the people that decided to relocate, both into and away from the area, the population numbers of St. Bernard have changed, but the beauty and spirit remained. Who better to help people not familiar with the area learn about the rich history of St. Bernard and the advantages of calling it home. Troy takes the time to learn about the needs and goals of his clients and especially enjoys advising first-time homebuyers navigate the sometimes confusing process and the satisfaction that comes with handing them the keys to their first home. On the flip side, Troy's caring nature allows him to specialize in bringing peace of mind to home sellers by advising his clients every step of the way so that they can make the best decisions for their situation to get the home sold. Many of whom may have previously struggled with selling their homes on their own or with another agent. 

It is Troy's strong desire to help people that has led him to professional success in real estate at a high level, selling nearly 2 million dollars in volume in his first full year, which earned him the Bronze Award. He has also won his office's Spirit Award (twice so far), which is presented to one individual in each office who has been selected by their peers because they possess outstanding supportive qualities. In the years that followed, he has received the Silver and Gold Awards for sales in excess of over 3 million dollars. In order to continue to better serve his clients, he has made a high-level commitment to his real estate education by having completed several courses above and beyond the state requirements and regularly attending real estate related events. In 2017, Troy completed his first extensive Ninja Installation course which made him St. Bernard Parish's ONLY Ninja Certified Real Estate Advisor. In 2018, he went through the course again with two fellow St. Bernard agents to further hone his skills. No award, however, can compare to the personal satisfaction that comes after successfully navigating his clients along their path; from discovering their needs and wants, to advising them home, to their new home. But most importantly, creating a lasting relationship in the process.

When not working, Troy enjoys making lasting memories with his family. Along with his wife Alisa, sons Troy Jr. (29) and Peyton (11), and daughter Presli (8), Troy likes to spend the day fishing, at the park playing with Jasper and Wally, the family dogs, or simply relaxing at home and planning their next trip to Disneyworld.