About Me

As a mother of two and a lifelong resident of the Eastbank Jefferson Parish area, I'm quite knowledgeable of its neighborhoods, schools and all it has to offer, as well the surrounding neighborhoods of New Orleans' Metro area. I remember drawing much of my inspiration from my parents when I was growing up. When I was about nine years old we moved to a new house in a new neighborhood, and I spent that summer helping my parents with scoring, steaming and removing old wallpaper. Dad toiled away in the garage with decking, crown molding, and other projects while Mom coordinated colors. Then he gave me a paintbrush and showed me firsthand how to transform a house into a home, how to find potential when I couldn't see it. It took some years to complete, and after Katrina there were a few things that had to be renovated again, but I will never forget the excitement we felt when we first found that house or the joy we felt making it into our family home. Now I have the privilege of helping others find that same excitement and vision. Let me help you find your next dream today!