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Carrie Lands is a Real Estate Agent with perseverance and exceptional excellence in customer rapport with over 20 years of experience in the field of insurance and management. Known to most as a sought after and beloved agent in the Baton Rouge area with her down to earth and open personality. Carrie uses her determination and resolve to assist each customer and take time to make sure every clients needs are met with the utmost professionalism and ease of mind. 

When Carrie is not working with her clients, she is entertaining them with her vocal talent! Carrie and her husband also own an entertainment company by the name of "KoolRunnings Entertainment" where she hosts karaoke events and parties, and provide live DJ shows; she also sings lead vocals with live bands in Louisiana and surrounding areas. 

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5/5 Stars

Ellery Robinson
"Carrie Lands is a  very friendly, and  dedicated agent; it was a pleasure working with her! "

5/5 Stars

Marlene Marchan
"Excellent she is one of the nicest persons I have ever known; very professional and business like; I am glad to hear about her new career and I would like to have her as my realtor and friend"

5/5 Stars

Derrick Williams
"Carrie was really knowledgeable and understanding and walked me through this entire process. I was a 1st time homebuyer, and she made it as comfortable as possible. If you looking to buy or sell Carrie can help you out"

5/5 Stars

Eric Brown
"Hi my name is Eric Brown and I have been dealing business with Carrie Lands for a long time now..she is the best person to work..she creates an atmosphere that is pleasant to be in her company..she is a hard worker and I  will definitly continue doing business with her..she is nice and polite and well respected on a personal level as well as a business level..she is by far one of the best in my book. To me five stars is not enough..personally I would say ten stars..thank you."

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