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Deana Scognamillo REALTOR

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Deana Scognamillo - Gardner Realtors

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About Me

  Thank you for visiting this website today, and taking the time to get to know more about Deana .  She has been working as a full-time Realtor for 9 years, and takes pride in her profession. Deana makes it her top priority to personally get to know every client.  It is her mission and responsibility to promote and protect your American dream of property ownership. 

Deana has proven to be a constant success in her career and earns the trust and loyalty of each client.   She is very knowledgeable of the communities you are interested in, whether it be in the River Parishes, Jefferson Parish or Orleans Parish.

 Gardner Realtors offers a full service experience with local affiliated businesses  We have Movement Mortgage to help with the financing portion, Best Insurance to provide great deals on their Home Owner and Flood Policies then Best Title can wrap everything up in a nice red bow, and hand over the keys to their dream home.  Deana will be with them every step of the way to answer any questions you may have.

With sellers, it's always a huge step in letting go and moving on, for whatever reason it may be.  She can help with your updating, staging and just freshening up to make your home look the best it can to make sure your get your best price. 

At Gardner Realtors, we pride ourselves in our technology.  Our dedication to our clients continues to drive our innovation.  Our website is #1 in the Nation, and user-friendly.  We are proud to introduce the only local mobile app for searching real estate on-the-go, it's as simple as using your smartphone's camera.  You can download it from here, Deana's personal website.

Contact Deana today for a personalized viewing of homes, for listing your home, finding a wonderful vacation home or for your rental needs.  If building a dream home is your desire,  she has access to some fantastic builders who can design it specifically for you, unlike anything else on the market! Call Today!