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Mel'isa Morel REALTOR, LMS, LSE, LSS

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Mel'isa Morel - Gardner Realtors

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About Me

Born and raised in Canada, Mel’isa has adopted the South as her home and is passionate about what living on the North Shore offers its residents.  Having previously worked in Georgia as a real estate agent, Mel’isa is excited to be working with buyers and sellers here as they start a new chapter in their lives; something she is quite familiar with.

Mel’isa brings her trademark attention to detail, passion, and motivation to the buying and selling aspect of real estate and her goal is for the experience to be as stress-less as possible, while being a win-win experience for all.  As someone who embraces change, she’s excited to help others start their new chapters in life.

Mel’isa lives with husband, JP, a 30+ year resident of Slidell, and their two rescue dogs, Fanny and Levi.   Mel’isa enjoys walking her dogs, swimming and bike riding, as well as shopping antique and vintage stores for special finds.

Mel’isa can be reached at 985-788-2624 and you can follow her on Facebook at Mel'isa Morel, Gardner Realtors

“It all simmers down to love….Love of people, love of your business, love of your family, you know, just love.”   - Mrs Gertrude Gardner