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Wayne Valcour REALTOR

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Wayne Valcour - Gardner Realtors

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About Me

     Wayne is an accomplished salesman and proprietor. After graduating with degree in Biology and a second degree International Business and a long history of working in the sales and marketing field, he decided to go into business for himself. Wayne along with his business partner launched a successful marketing business in the medical field that later moved it’s location to Dubai and it continues to thrive there. As a former business owner Wayne has helped others on their career path to successful entrepreneurship.

     Wayne is very passionate about Real Estate and his enthusiasm has led him to become a successful Agent. Being in tuned with the needs and goals of his clients, and specializing in helping others achieve their dreams of home ownership is what he loves to accomplish.  He has made a high-level commitment to getting the best education in Real Estate and has been trained and mentored by several of the most highly acclaimed real estate agents and brokers in the industry.  His fiduciary responsibility to his client and his compassion for others has made him a successful businessman in every field he enters. 

     Choosing Wayne as your agent, affords you top choice in best listings available on the market. His knowledge of how to successfully buy, sell, or lease a property will take the headache off of you. Give him a call, he is ready and willing make your dream of home ownership, a reality.