We Want the Best For You.

That means that your home search goes quickly, the sellers skip the negotiations and the weather is cool on move-in day. If you’re a first-time home buyer, we have to be honest with you. This isn’t always the story of the common home buying process. There will be ups and downs, but as your trusted experts, we promise to be with you every step of the way as we help create the life you love. Here’s what you can expect:


We know what we’re doing.

If you’re reading this, no doubt you’ve already begun the search for your new dream home. When you’re ready to take the next step and seriously start the process, we encourage you to interview our Realtors, and choose the one that works best for you! You want a professional relationship with a dedicated Realtor - who is a valued member of a time-honored and award-winning Real Estate Family - to make the home buying process a pleasurable experience. Our expert Real Estate family is ready to prove to you that you’ve made the right choice.


We’re with you every step of the way.

Once you’ve chosen a realtor, you’re gaining a firm commitment that we’ll walk with you throughout the entire process, ensuring a successful ending. With over 75 years of experience, we know how to ride out the roller coaster that is the home buying process. Know that you are our #1 priority, and we promise to listen to each and every want and need that you may have. Stay optimistic and patient, and you’ll soon be signing contract papers!


We’ve got the latest & greatest tools.

Along with experience, we employ the region’s best tools to help you find your dream home. Our award-winning website brings the market to your fingertips in a simple efficient way. You’ll also love our mobile app that empowers consumers to search for any home, wherever and whenever they choose as well as our local market tools that give you up-to-date statistics and data on the market of your choice.


We have answers to your finance questions.

Fannie Mae. Freddie Mac. FHA Loans. Mortgages. First-Time Home Buyer Loans. These are confusing words and they’re often just used as marketing ploys to try to lure you in. Our expert team partners with Movement Mortgage, the #1 Fastest Growing Mortgage Bank” in North America to help you weed through the noise and help you understand exactly what you can afford and the financial solutions available to you.


We’re a one-stop-shop

As you narrow your search and lock in on your dream home, we promise to walk with you from contract to close. We back this promise by giving you extra value through our family of services all under one roof. With Closing, Title, Insurance and Home Warranty services, our team will take the stress out of the final days of buying your home.


To learn more, check out our trusted buyer’s process.