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About Me


Hello and a genuine warm welcome to you.  

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me.   

        From my home town in Birmingham, Alabama, I moved to New Orleans in early April of 2002 for a job transfer in Construction Equipment Sales and Management.  This was an industry that I had worked in previously for over seven years and had truly excelled.   With a construction equipment sales and management background, it seemed to be a natural transition for me into the world of real estate.     

         Upon moving into the city, right away I was taken with the uniquely historic and truly charming architecture of the city.  The many different and varying neighborhoods, the wonderfully friendly and kind spirit of the people of the city and all of the opportunity that I saw for growth within the city, personally and professionally.   

Within six months of settling into the city, I enrolled in night classes to work towards earning my Real Estate educational requirements, so that I could then take the real estate licensing exam.   In early 2003, I acquired my real estate license and went to work as a Full Time Realtor.   After making my rounds and interviewing with all of the other real estate firms throughout the city, I wisely chose to work with the local real estate firm Gardner Realtors;  as I readily recognized Gardner Realtors as the local authority of all things real estate.  I have worked full time at Gardner Realtors for 15 years and have 100% truly loved working with the Gardner Realtors family and real estate firm.   I often share with both clients and colleagues that one of the secrets to my success and my clients success is the never-ending support, the cutting edge technology provided and the worldwide visibility that our clients property listings receive through Gardner Realtors.   

For me and my entire team, which is comprised of four other full time Realtors, we all have a tremendous sense of pride in our profession and genuine respect and commitment for the responsibilities and obligations that we have to our clients.   Our role as a Realtor is to expertly guide and navigate the home buying and home selling process with our clients.   This is a role and responsibility that often takes on many different hats; from that of being at times a counselor, to helping guide one with the financing, navigating the home inspection process and appraisal challenges and many other issues that will inevitably present themselves as one progresses through buying and/or selling a home.   I truly understand how overwhelming the whole process can be.   My role for our clients is to personally be involved in every single aspect of their real estate transaction.    With over fifteen years of professional real estate experience, with the last ten plus years as The Top Realtor in the metropolitan area and with the greatest number of closed transactions consistently, year over year, the vast experience that I and my entire team bring to the table legitimately benefits our clients from beginning to end.    

There is no situation in a real estate transaction that I have not already seen and successfully worked through.  With over 1,500+  successful transactions under my belt, I have the tried and tested experience, with over a decade and a half of trusted market knowledge and the authentic know how to help accomplish my clients goal, no matter how large or small.   

What motivates me to get up each day, is the mission that I have signed on for with my clients.   I often will share with others that  "the house" is really a symbol for solving some need in a person's life.   Our life's work as a Realtor is to effect a positive change in other's lives through navigating the home buying or selling process.   I genuinely love what I do each and every day and would welcome the opportunity to share with you how myself and my entire team will successfully accomplish your real estate needs as well.   

Please do not hesitate to call on me at anytime. 

Thank you again graciously for taking the time to read this and learn more about me.


All of my very best,

Chris M. Smith, Realtor for Life