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About Me

"A good coach can change a game, a great coach can change a life." - John Wooden

Douglas Kellum is known for his coaching abilities on and off the field. He's an experienced real estate adviser that will coach you through all your real estate needs. 

Before real estate, Douglas helped rebuild communities along the north and south shore of Louisiana as well as the Mississippi Gulf coast, after hurricane Katrina. He not only rebuilt homes, but also lives. Douglas coached his customers every step of the way through a very tough time. This is where he found his passion for real estate and his natural ability to help others.

Douglas's ability to coach provides security to his clients. Just like on the ball field, his clients and players are always prepared for the next step. This is a special trait to have in a trusted real estate adviser. A good coach understands that continual practice is vital at any stage to maximize performance. Douglas is constantly training. Recently Douglas completed a Ninja Selling installation. Ninja Selling is the leading training program for Realtors and brings agents to the top of their game by teaching customer centric skills. Ninja has helped Douglas go to the next level in performance and customer service.

Outside of real estate, Douglas enjoys his time with his family, mostly at the ball park. His wife, Kelly and three children, Bryce, Chad, and Jillian. Kelly is a school teacher at Pearl River High School and also coaches volleyball and basketball. Douglas was born and raised in Slidell Louisiana and attended Southeastern University. There he studied kinesiology to become a coach. Today he coaches his clients through the process of real estate.