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About Me

Born and raised in Arabi, Louisiana, JOHANNAH MACE grew up to be a successful and accomplished Dental Assistant. After mastering that field of work, she decided she was ready to go after something she was truly passionate about. REAL ESTATE!

 “The reason I came to Real Estate is a little personal. My parents struggled, and I have worked since I was 15. For me, home ownership is one of the most important goals in every person’s life. Being a homeowner means being secure and safe. It means having freedom and control in your own life. A home is more than an asset, it’s a place to raise a family, it’s the backdrop of our childhood memories, and for better or worse it is the measurement of our success in life. I honor the process, and take pride in my ability to be able to be a part of this process with others.

 JOHANNAH values hard work and honesty, and would love to assist you with any of your Real Estate needs TODAY!

 Outside of work Johannah enjoys and takes great pride in being a mother and wife. She is usually focused on God and her family. She is always looking for something new to learn. As much as she loves a good, social Saturday, she equally loves being at HOME in her quiet reading time.

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