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Jinfang Peng REALTOR

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Jinfang Peng - Gardner Realtors

About Me

Jin was a registered nurse in China for 23 years, taking care of newborns and their mothers. Helping people comes natural to Jin . Jin is fluent in English and three Chinese dialects, Cantonese, Mandarin and Hakka.

For the last 10 years after moving Baton Rouge,Jin has been helping friends and family locate and purchase property for investment or as a home. Jin learned the local real estate market while looking for a home. She used the knowledge and skills that she learned to help friends and family find homes. Jin has purchased  properties in the Baton Rouge area and now manages the rental of condos and  houses for her family. Recently, Jin  follows the market from Baton Rouge to Luling.

Jin spends a lot of time following the local real estate market and talking with some builders about their developments. She is always on the lookout for the next great buy.

Contact her for all of your buying, selling and rental needs. She will do her best to get your properties the most exposure possible while keep you in the loop.

多年来,Jin以她对房地产的特殊感知和所得的房地产信息资源,帮助亲戚朋友在多处买卖房产。近10年,JIN 追随BATON ROUGE 及其周围的房源信息,了解EAST BATON ROUGE,Prairieville,Dutchtown , Luling的片区/小区房源信息。认识一些承建商,对一些新建的住宅区有所了解。 她说流利的普通话,粤语,客家话和潮州话。委托JIN 做你的房地产经纪人,她会像买卖自己的房地产一样帮助她的客人。


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