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Jeffrey Sabree REALTOR

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Jeffrey Sabree - Gardner Realtors

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About Me

Jeffrey loves to make peoples dreams and desires come true.  He loves it.  It drives him.

Having spent most of his life on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Jeffrey is quite acquainted with the local flavor of the Gulf Coast.

And clients will tell you, this passion for changing and improving people’s lives drives him to be a very conscientious and attentive real estate agent.  

22 years of casino marketing experience has trained him well for the fast-paced environment of the Gulf Coast Real Estate business and how to navigate the intricacies and legalities of this profession.

“First class business done in a first class way” is a quote you often her from Jeffrey in describing his work ethic.

And it doesn’t take long to figure that out about him after you meet him.

A natural communicator, he has a high number of repeat clients.  This is because Jeffrey keeps his clients informed, solves their problems and creates a very stress free real estate experience for them.

Available always, call him.  He will take your call or get right back to you.

Experience the enjoyable side of Real Estate with Real Estate Agent Jeffrey Sabree at Gardner Realtors. 



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