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Karen Chen REALTOR

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Karen Chen - Gardner Realtors

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About Me

Karen is a hard worker and helping people is part of her passion. 

Karen also speaks Cantonese and Mandarin.

Karen is also done with referring herself in the third person.

I was born in Hong Kong, grew up in Taipei, Taiwan. Growing up, watching my mother, who was a single mom, worked in customer service all her life. She worked hard, and learned to be the best head manager in the first international night club in Taipei in the 70's. To this day, she still gives me advise on how to be the best in customer service.

I, like my mother, am a single mother, I've been in the service industry for almost 20 years, under the influence of my mom, I've learned to work hard, be aware of peoples' needs and understand no matter what my occupation is, I do my best for people who are relying on me.

Being in real estate is a new chapter in my customer service world, I'm not a stranger to it, and I will put my clients needs on my number one list.

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