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Margaret Louise Hogan REALTOR

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Margaret Louise Hogan - Gardner Realtors

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About Me

While there, I ran into an old high school friend, Cherie Juneau, whom I had not seen in years and unbeknownst to both of us, this “run in” would change our life path’s forever!


Cherie had her own business, focusing on historical renovations  She later took on the task of “renovating” my “historically outdated” kitchen.  We would talk for hours about our passion for Real Estate and how much we enjoyed helping our clients transform their homes into their “dream spaces”.  Our friends would always say to us, that we “should go get” our Real Estate licenses and become a team!  Eventually, the “planets” all lined up and Cherie and I said to each other, “Let’s stop talking about going to get our Real Estate license and ACTUALLY go do it!”


We attended Real Estate School, together, never leaving each others side, laughing and crying our way through it together.


Upon receiving our licenses, we joined the amazing Gardner Realtors Family and began our “team journey” into the Real Estate world.

And what can I say?   


The Rest Is History!

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