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Monica Koeppel REALTOR

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Monica Koeppel - Gardner Realtors

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About Me

Monica is "A Realtor you can TRUST! She is passionate about helping her clients fulfill their personal desires of finding the home of their dreams.  She believes that all her past training and endeavors have prepared her for the opportunity to work well and efficiently with prospective home owners and buyers.  She delivers expert customer service and is readily available to serve you!  

Monica has been married for twenty-seven years and has raised three children.  Along with being a wife and mother, she and her husband are the owners of Custom Rubber Surfaces - Waterproofing Specialist which has been in operation for twenty-five years.  Prior to starting her own successful business with her husband, she was an Administrative/Sales Assistant in the financial brokerage industry for eight years.  She is involved in many community organizations such as Crimefighters of Louisiana, supports the local police and fire department, Giving Hope Foundation, the New Orleans Mission and Habitat for Humanity.  Along with community involvement, she is involved in church ministry, and supports foreign mission's ministry.

In addition to her real estate license and being a member of New Orleans Metropolitian Association of Realtors, she is committed to expanding her education and career development through Gardner Realtors and is a Ninja Seller!   She looks forward to the opportunity of serving you and your real estate needs.  


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