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About Me

“The best is yet to come!”

- Frank Sanitra 

Used to say that good things have happened but that better things will happen in the future. Life is good now but the best is yet to come.

Preston Paul Walls has a deep appreciation for the American Dream of home ownership because of his life experiences that brought him outside of the United States. After High School, Preston was off to South Africa where he spent two years dedicating his life to Evangelism and Missionary work. He expected to see some blessings but receiving his biggest blessing was not his intention. By following God’s plan for your life it leads you to His blessings and by doing so, Preston met the love of his life, Monique, in South Africa. 

Preston returned home in June 2018 with his bride where together they founded The Lighthouse International and continued the work that brought them together. Shortly after returning home Monique joined the Admin staff at Gardner Realtors. While Monique decided to follow God’s plan and focus on her passions of Ministry and opening a successful photography business, Preston was drawn to the process of creating home ownership. In September he began the process of obtaining his Louisiana Real Estate License. Preston saw real estate as an opportunity to create the life he and Monique love by helping others do the same. Gardner Realtors was the right fit as the company’s core values align with Preston’s. Mrs. Gertrude Gardner opened her company and credited her success to and coined, “It all simmers down to love…love of people, love of your business, love of your family, love of God, you know, just love.” 

Preston was born in Plaquemine, Louisiana and raised in Slidell. He attended Northshore High for two years and completed the rest with Abeka Homeschool Academy. Preston is a member of the Northshore Area Board of Realtors and in October became an Installed NINJA Real Estate Advisor.