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Tina Lipps REALTOR

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Tina Lipps - Gardner Realtors

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About Me

Tina is a New Orleans native and Realtor with over 8 years experience in Real Estate Sales. Tina can find your home: from Luxury Homes to first-time ownership. Additionally, she has helped individuals' dreams come true with business ownership and Company goals of expanding. You need a realtor who believes in service...that's Tina! 
When she isn't selling real estate, you'll find her spending time with her precious family. They enjoy many hobbies together including loving on their miniature Schnorkie, Zoe, reading, painting, and traveling.
Tina Lipps has experience in Management, Sales and Marketing, and as a business owner. She would love to work with you on making your own dreams come true to buy your own business or dream home! 

Please call for an appointment to make your dreams a reality!