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Life Is Still Beautiful, And Fascinating

If I can hold your attention for the next five minutes, I assure you it will be worth your time. First things first--Some Good News.

If you have not heard of John Krasinski's new Youtube webseries "Some Good News" (SGN), I highly suggest you take a look before doing anything else with your day. Though this whole crazy thing has got us scrambling to put our lives back together, the true nature of the human spirit can do no such thing but triumph and spread light in moments of darkness, and SGN is a great example of that. Its premise is as pure and simple as the name suggests, where for a short period of time Krasinski--known for his breakout roll in The Office as Jim, and now more so for his recent hit, A Quiet Place--shares his charming smile and lovable to brighten your day. So, it's okay--the 40,000 emails and calls can wait. Give it a watch--the link is below.

Some Good News with John Krasinski surprises Hamilton fan with ...

The show could not be more topically relevant than it is now, where we all need a bit of joy to remind us of the beauty of the world. My fellow Americans, I am no preacher, nor am I prophet, but hear my words when I say the light does shine at the end of this dark and narrow tunnel. In fact, it shines all around us, and Life is still a beautiful thing to be lived with so many joys to be had. Just look around at the brilliant Spring weather, at the blue sky, or the busy woodpecker. We shall prevail.

On a sillier note, if you are looking for a quick pick-me-up, quickly scroll through this Buzzfeed article. It brought a smile to my face--I am sure it will to yours. The link is below.

In a slightly different tone, here is something I found fascinating. A Van Gogh painting entitled "The Parsonage Garden at Nuenen in Spring" was stolen in the dead of night from the Singer Laren art museum, 18 miles from Amsterdam. See it below. 

Van Gogh painting stolen from Dutch museum | Van Gogh | The Guardian

The painting has never been appraised, but similar Van Gogh paintings have fetched multi-million dollar price tags. According to local authorities, it is believed that the painting is likely still within the Netherlands' borders due to the increased travel restrictions. But if it was not, where would it go? I found the question fascinating, and an article by Esquire I am attaching below does a good job answering it. It goes on to say that the first path would be to go through the criminal marketplaces within the Netherlands, where it would eventually move into Belgium and depart from there to countries that are "friendlier to acquiring stolen objects," such as Switzerland, France, and Quebec. But who even buys stolen multi-million dollar paintings? Read the article below to find out.

Though I have not read any articles speculating to the identity of the art thieves, I wonder if they are connected to the infamous Pink Panther jewel thieves, the world's leading high-class, secretive thief guild that has gotten away with the stolen a net worth of hundreds of millions of dollars since the 1960s. More on them in my next newsletter. 

Lastly, if you have made it this far in the article, I extend my gratitude. I hope you enjoyed it. I want to share with you all one of my favorite pieces of music recently that capitalizes on the theme of this article. Give it a listen when you are driving home, or perhaps more appropriately when you get home and the person you love walks through the door. Have yourselves a dance, because life has always been beautiful, and it still is today.

Amadeu de Souza-Cardoso's 125th Birthday

My most humble thanks,




The Economic Impact of Buying & Selling a Home

Life, in general, is changing – from how we grocery shop and meal prep to the ways we can interact with our friends and neighbors. The Real Estate Market is changing, too. In response, we have been quick to adapt to these new virtual times. Although the market has changed, it has not and will not stop. Rest assured that a real estate market does still exist. In these challenging times, we have been reminded that having shelter is one of our three basic needs, and we are proud to help take care of that need for you and your loved ones.

At GARDNER, REALTORS, we are committed to safely meeting the real estate needs of Louisianians and Mississippians. Over the past few weeks, we have:

 •  Designed and embraced a virtual start-to-finish transaction system
 •  Launched innovative marketing strategies including Imoto 360 Walkthroughs, virtual open house campaigns with screen sharing, multi-channel virtual marketing promotional campaigns
 •  Held 100+ LIVE timely and relevant virtual training sessions to support Realtors so we can continue to be your trusted real estate advisor through these times of uncertaint
 •  Connected our national partners to our Realtors with updates on economic forecasts, mortgages, virtual closings, Realtor aid, and more (We also have had some fun virtual happy hours and lunches to stay connected!)

These are ways that we are adapting and leading in changing times. What isn’t changing, however, is one key thing that can drive the local economy: buying a home. If you’re in a position to buy or sell a home today, we hope you know that you’re a major economic force in your neighborhood. Additionally, there are still buyers who want to buy a home and sellers who want to sell a home. Meanwhile, many buyers are home dreaming up their next move. While we all wait patiently for the current pandemic to pass, there are many ways to stay on track with your real estate goals. 

Every year the National Association of Realtors (NAR) shares a report that notes the full economic impact of home sales. This report summarizes:
“The total economic impact of real estate related industries on the state economy, as well as the expenditures that result from a single home sale, including aspects like home construction costs, real estate brokerage, mortgage lending, and title insurance.”

When you buy or sell a home, you’re making an impact. You’re fulfilling your need for shelter and a place to live, and you’re also generating jobs for everyone involved. The effect is multiplied in times like these!

You have an essential need for a home – and you can make an essential impact with homeownership, too. That need for shelter, comfort, and a safe place to live will always be alive and well. And whenever you’re able to act on that need, whether now or later, you’ll be creating gains for you, your family, local business professionals, and the overall economy.

Bottom Line

Whenever you purchase or sell a home, you’re an economic driver. There is a real estate market, and people are at home dreaming up their next move.

Even if you’re not ready or able to make a move now, there are things you can do to keep your own process moving forward so you’re set when the time is right for you.

I’m proud to be your local expert at a local company like GARDNER, REALTORS. Let’s connect to keep your home search – and your local contributions – on track.

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